{kate} just because – 10.12.11

Hey there everyone! It seems spring has returned to us… I just hope all this cold weather won’t kill all those plants that decided to grow a little early! I for one don’t mind the slightly cooler weather for now :)


Anyway, I’m going to transport you now back to October. Amazing fall weather. Warm gold and red leaves filling the skyline. I had just gotten my new camera (which will soon hopefully be returned to me, but that’s a whole other story) And I needed a subject to shoot some more playful, less portrait-y photos. My beautiful friend Kate was of course super willing to get a few shots at my favorite time of day – many of you have probably heard me refer to the ‘golden hour’ and this shoot was during that. It’s that one or two hours around sunset/just a little bit after the sun goes down. So sit back, and enjoy just some fun pictures!We had lots of fun playing with the millkweed… if you couldn’t tell :D

And what’s a shoot with Kate that doesn’t involve SOOOME sort of fun posing? Haha… makes me laugh every time

And also… Cows!


It was super fun to get out and shoot without having to worry about too much going on in the shoot. I hope you all enjoy!

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