{marcy&jose} engaged! – 10.10.11

It’s such a beautiful evening tonight (wish I was shooting an engagement session right now actually!) but it is time for another blog post! Halfway through October!


Marcy and Jose are a photographers dream couple. They laughed so adorable at all the right times, followed all my direction well, and was able to inspire me for some fantastic shots! We met up at Holland, MI Centennial Park (which I’ve shot a wedding or two at now as well!) after much scheduling and rescheduling. I was thrilled that the weather cooperated as sometimes it’s sooo touchy in the fall!

It was that perfect time where the leaves finally were falling, blanketing the ground with their yellows and reds, but there was still a bunch in the trees themselves so each frame was just full of color!

See what I mean about adorable? Yea.  AH-dorable.

She changed in to her adorable boots for some shots on the park bench. Oh, and how did I forget to mention her other adorable heels from earlier? It’s a good thing I don’t wear heels… because I think If I did, I would have a major shoe problem!

The black and whites looked soo pretty for this session. Their love and their romance totally translated well into my editing style!

So after Centennial Park downtown Holland, We drove on over to Holland State Park on the beach to get some fun shots with the lake and the beautiful dune grass and sand!

I love pretty shore line photos! Especially with an exquisite golden sunset… Did I mention that I totally love color? I don’t think I’ve said it enough yet! Remember for all my future couples – Schedule your shoot one or two hours before the sun sets (or when it’s about to rise), and we’ll get some fantastic pictures!

Running after the gulls, of course!


Marcy and Jose – It was such a pleasure shooting your engagement session! You two were so much fun then, and for your wedding! (which you all will be seeing on the blog in a few weeks!)


Want to see the picture with a little more detail, or just on it’s own – just click on it! Also – feel free to comment as always!


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