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{emily&brandon} engaged! – 10.2.11

Hello again! I’ve been a blogging queen lately! SOOOO many things happening with my life and business lately – but thankfully it’s all just coming together quite right! I’m SO happy I’m catching up on these because every single one of my clients deserves to have their photos on display somewhere!


Emily and Brandon met me a LONG time ago all the way up near Alpine St. … I think it might have been the day before that whole crazy guy getting chased throughout town… I remember this only because I was super happy we met the day BEFORE that because I had to use some of the same expressway he went insane on! But ANYWAY – back to Emily and Brandon! I knew instantly from Emily’s style that we were going to have a great time shooting together. She was full of fantastic ideas for shots and knew exactly what she wanted – which is never a bad thing :D. We met up a few weeks later for this engagement session which was crazy times to schedule because of my amazingly busy October! I’m so glad we did reschedule for this day though, as it was beautiful weather out for both city shots AND apple orchard shots! Anyway, enough of me typing – picha time! We met up downtown G.R. at the historic Sixth Street Bridge for some fun urban shots first!

And there Paul is… Rockin it out as second shooter again :D…. Anyway, we crossed back over the bridge and got a few more in a small clearing across the park that I always love to shoot in. Jumping and dip kissing – my favorites!


So about halfway through we traveled to a friends apple orchard for the remainder of the pictures. Anyone that wants to bring me to an apple orchard again is very much welcome too! Ahh, those apples were DELICIOUS. We also snuck a few family shots in with their son Roark for a little bit – before he got a little fussy! :D

Mmmmm tasty apples! If I remember right… everyone was a little hungry at this point! We were all glad to get a little apple break ;P

I debated for a little while whether or not to post this next one… lol. I mean… It’s an outhouse shot… but it’s also funny! I decided too because I think it was one of the funnest points of the session. We all had a great big laugh and I might as well bring the personality of the session to you!


So there you have it! Emily and Brandon – It was SUPER fun shooting this session with you! It was also a really good time shooting your wedding this past January… I can’t wait to get that up on the blog for you two in the coming weeks!