{matthew} senior! – 9.22.11

What a good day for a short blog!


Well, here’s something almost completely different than what I’ve been posting! A senior! Matthew actually is my cousin on my husband’s side.  When my aunt asked if I could shoot his senior photos, I was overjoyed because I’ve been wanting to shoot a few more senior sessions (don’t get me wrong – I love shooting couples!) but it was a fun change of pace. I forgot how challenging it can be at times to pose only one person! I also was extremely excited to shoot at their home because they had such a pretty wooded area behind their house that fit Matthews personality perfectly. This post is a little shorter because my aunt said that I didn’t have to bother with making a post, but I really can’t help myself – so here are a few (okay… a lot) of my favorites from that day!

And thank you leaf that almost fell on my head for making my cousin give me a great natural smile! :D

And whats a shoot without a few detail shots? Unheard of! I love catching me some details :D


Woo! It was so much fun shooting a senior session… I hope I get more next year! (I only had two this last fall!)


Feel free to comment or click on any photo to see better detail!


Oh! And one session shy of getting to October! Woo! So all my October couples that are beyond excited to see their posts… slowly but surely they are coming :D


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