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{happy.birthday!} 1.28.12

Happy first birthday to one of my most favorite babies!

{shannon&derek} engaged! – 9.11.11

Blogging all these summery posts are making me long for the longer days and warmer weather. Of course, today really was super pretty with all that sun and warm weather! Okay… 40’s isn’t really all THAT warm… but still! For January? Insane!


However, it’s now time to talk about Shannon and Derek! Even though I had already shot a wedding that weekend, I was totally ready to go into engagement session mode the next day. I was so excited because the sun was out, the weather was mild (not too hot, but warm enough!) and just plain a WONDERFUL day to shoot. Shannon and Derek were both super lively and ready to go – which is always such a good sign for a shoot because I know that we’re going to get good stuff when people are ready right off the bat. So after a coffee or two at biggby, we set straight away!

Yay, I’m always a sucker for lovely romantic black and whites! These two were on fire with romance!

There was a little bit of art prize out and about by that time… but not too much. At least we caught one piece! :D

After some of the park and fun underpass – we made our way to one of my favorite photographer hotspots in G.R. – the blue wall! So very pretty, and so very fun!

(p.s. Paul got that photo of the butterfly… I automatically got really jealous after I saw it later when sorting through pictures!)

I was so very very VERY excited to see this reflection in that toll booth… I think I made them try everything in the book because I loved the colors SO much!

And what’s a downtown shoot without visiting the tire swing!

We all had so much fun, we ended spending almost nearly another hour with them after the shoot ended! It was such an enjoyable experience Shannon and Derek – We can’t WAIT to shoot your wedding this year!



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