{amanda&joe} married! – 9.2.11

Hooray another blog today!

Today I bring you Amanda and Joe. They actually were one of the first couples that surprised me, because we never had an initial meeting! They obviously knew our personalities matched up quite well just from my style though – and I’m so super happy they had booked me!

You may remember Amanda and Joe from their super sweet engagement session last February! It was surprisingly warm that day, as was their wedding day! Who would have thunk that it would be what seemed like a million degrees the second day of September? Oh and super humid too! Thankfully their location where they got ready slash had their ceremony slash where they had their reception was air conditioned! We showed up a little early, and I’m so glad we did since I was able to get some killer detail shots of the Kalamazoo Country Club.

Brushing your teeth – Important to capture! Haha, I love getting moments like those :D

To relive some photo stress later Amanda and Joe opted for my personal favorite moment of the day, the first look. Joe of course was full of energy (and had some fun great poses for me) and so so sooo excited to see his beautiful bride Amanda. Ahh, so sweet – tears come to my eyes again just looking at these photos! So sweet!

So not only did Amanda and Joe have amazing personalities, their wedding party did as well – As shown in the next few photos. Oh yea, they were awesome.

Bahaha, love ittttt!

So sadly because of the heat and humidity we had to retire back inside, but that was okay since it was nearly time to get the ceremony started! I loved how they had set up how they walked down the green aisle. You could tell from everyone’s expressions that this moment was incredibly special for Amanda and Joe. I can’t tell you how many beautiful expressions I got that I wasn’t able to post here because it would have made it too long!

Married! Excited! First kiss! :D

Since Amanda and Joe had both worked at this country club they both knew exactly what details would make their reception shine. They opted for some less traditional things, and found a perfect balance of their personalities in their details.

A little dancing for your introduction? Why not! :D

So instead of cutting a cake, they presented a birthday cake to grandma (as it was her birthday of course :D) They also mentioned a few other people who also shared the same anniversary with theirs. So much fun!

(Favorite first dance picture ever! So romantic!)

And what’s a good dance party without glow sticks? I think the dancing excitement grew tenfold when they came out!

It was such a fun day, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. Thank you so much Amanda and Joe – Best wishes to you in your many years of marriage to come!

Aaaaaas always feel free to click on any image for more detail, oh and feel free to comment too!

Blogging all these weddings from a few months ago just makes me feel so happy … I get to remember some of the best moments of my summer! I really can’t wait for May to come around for it all the craziness to kick start up again!


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