{baby.grant} pt. 2! – 8.27.11

Change of pace this evening!


Remember baby Grant from last March? How could you forget – he was super cute! And seriously, last August was no different. Actually, I’m shooting his one year party in a few weeks too – so I’m excited to see the youngster again :D (oh, and big sister Leilani tagged along too… she of course loved the camera spotlight :D)


Anyway, if I remember correctly, the day was hot… threatening rain… and buggy! When I first met up with Stephanie, Grant hadn’t eaten yet – so of COURSE I got some of him eating. He thought this was entertaining, as indicated by the giant adorable smile!

So as Grant was finishing up – I took Leilani out for a few fun portraits… She was quite the ham! :D

Oh, and a few more… in the neighbors yard (with permission of course) :)

So after the yard (since we didn’t really find anywhere good for Grant… and the mosquitos were attacking) we headed on over to Heidi’s Farmstand & Bakery for some fantastic portraits, and fantastic sights and smells. I pretty much wanted to buy everything in there! And, when we were finished I went immediately back to buy all sorts of goods – and you can see why!

And then we visited the growing pumpkin patch! The pumpkins were a little small at that time… but still cute and orange!

We stopped by Heidi’s beautiful flower farm as well… such pretty flowers in the hot sun! OH, and these awesome cows. Tee hee!

Laughing for sister! AHHH heart melts! So cute and such a handsome little man!

Haha, I think … she was done :P


Oh, and of course – A KITTY.

It was such a nice change of pace to do something other than a wedding blog! I mean, I love them – but I also like variety! I suppose that’s the way I’m going to feel in a month or so when I’m blogging all of my October engagement sessions :P… Oh man, I certainly did a lot of shooting this year!


Feel free to comment and click on any image to make them a wee bit larger… Have a fantastic evening!

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