{ashley&josh} married! – 8.20.11

Almost done with blogging my August weddings! Oh, and it’s a late post – so you all get to probably wake up to it! Yay!


Anyway, as you can tell already… my August was busy! With a trip to Washington state, and about 5 weddings in the matter of 2 weeks I was almost overwhelmed! Every wedding however was so incredibly fun, and I’m so happy that I got to attend and photograph every single one, and Ashley and Josh’s wedding was no different! You may remember these two from their (very cold!) engagement session last February. It was so so very cold, and I specifically remember talking about how excited we were that their wedding was in the warm weathered summer!

So we started off in Salon 309 in Ionia, MI. This salon was so so soooo incredibly pretty! I pretty much loved catching every detail because I just couldn’t stop. Annnnd you can definitely see why.

(another gif, of course :D) Anyway, it was hot. REALLY hot. And the church was old, so there were fans going eeeeverywhere. Also – the humidity was relentless. I’m so happy I was able to catch some awesome fan movement in that dress! I also was happy to catch some great natural light in the church, as it was raining outside! Just a drizzle at these few moments of the day. The big rain came later :P

I wish I could show you all of their formals with their party. Seriously! So much fun. It was super crazy trying to work around all the sporadic rain. I think that we got some really awesome shots though. So I’m super happy!

A blue wall next to your church when your colors are blue and green? Perfection!

After the ceremony we all hopped on the limo bus and got some fun portraits at the family farm! If my memory serves me correct – her grandfather built that barn in the background. And who doesn’t love a matching tractor to boot!

So right before the ceremony, it was POURING and there was a huge thunderstorm outside! It was insane how fast the storm rolled in, and how quickly it passed. It was actually kind of a cool experience being at a wedding in the middle of a thunderstorm. I just wish I had more of a chance to shoot outside! Sigh at the rain :P at least I got this awesome picture of the church. Sometimes a picture just WORKS in black and white. Love it!

Instead of a unity candle or sand, they both put some soil in a ‘unity’ type of tree. I thought the idea was so beautiful!

And who doesn’t love traveling to their reception location in a limo bus? So much fun!

Reception time! Paul caught some incredible details. I think my favorite photo, and my favorite detail haha, were the cupcakes. Yum! Also, fun idea, there were facts about Ashley and Josh at every table. This girl thought of everything!

Ahhhh I LOVE these ring pictures I got… It wasn’t fun fighting the wind trying to muss up the shot – but I got at least one!

First dance with bubbles? Sign me up! Adorbs!

Also, about halfway through the night they rolled out a hotdog cart. Yep. Best. Thing. Ever. Just before that too they also hired me for a small photo booth outside on the patio of their reception location. I choose a few favorites of mine to show you – but there were so many good ones! They found some really good props, and totally had a sweet blue background that was hand made. Wish I had thought of this for my own wedding. :D

Ahhh that was a long one again! So many fantastic details! If you are wondering how they put some of their details together – You can check out Ashley’s blog! She documented it all, and I’m seriously impressed. I really (haha, again) wish I had done that! You two were so much fun, and it was definitely great to see you pull it all together so beautifully!


Don’t forget to comment if you want! Also, feel free to click on any image to see some more deets. :D Time for bed now!

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