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{we.need.snow!} 12.27.11

So, two posts for tonight – one sneak peek, and one full wedding post! (to come much later than this :P) But anyway!


I had the honor of shooting my cousin’s engagement session tonight – it wasn’t as sunny out as it was yesterday, but at least there was… sooome… kind of snow. Right? :D I may have sat in a bunch of it to get this shot – WORRRTH it!


I mean, come on how stinking cute is that? >^^<

{kelly&trent} married! – 8.13.11

Ahhh  – time to get the ole typin’ fingers out again! *stretch!*

Anyway! As I pick away at these blog posts, its incredibly fun to re-live all these memories and photographs. I’ve discovered that the favorites I have while editing are so completely different than the favorites I have a few months later. Okay, not COMPLETELY different – but I love rediscovering old gems!

So! Kelly and Trent! You may remember their sweet beautiful engagement session from last April. The sun was shining, the afternoon relaxing, and the creative photo juices were flowing! However, they didn’t get such luck on their wedding day! Their entire day was in the morning instead of the evening, and I remember distinctly driving to Holland and enjoying, yet freaking out at, the huge storm clouds rolling in. Fortunately the rain only ‘spit’ a little bit over the morning, and by the reception the sky was clear!

So anyway, this was the earliest I’ve ever shot a first look! It was actually really great because it felt very secluded and romantic. Well, Kelly and Trent just ooze romance which you can see in their faces whenever they look at each other, but there was totally extra!

So then it was time for some touch-ups – and them some amazing formals! Ahh, my favorite part of the day :D

So Kelly is a girl after my own heart – She loves the color red! The wonderful red details popped so well with the feel of the rainy day. Oh, and did I mention that I really wanted to steal her shoes!? Well, not sttteal, but somehow acquire a pair as well. :D

Also – love love love their wedding party! So much fun!

I usually don’t show the individual portraits I shoot, but I thought this was so stinking adorable.

Then of course a little bit of hangin’ out after the rain started up again. :P

(somehow I got them all to behave…)

And this is why Paul = amazing. He does such fantastic father and bride portraits!

Thankfully the sky was clearing up a wee bit more so everyone could gather outside and cheer them on to their limo!

So their reception was at Baker Lofts. I. Love. Shooting. Here. It was amazing! The large windows let so much beautiful natural light onto all of their guests! And for a Saturday morning brunch reception? To. Die. For! Also! They had a personal cake at each table, which I thought was a great idea! It gave each table such personality.

So did I mention it was brunch? TASTY brunch!? Also – there was a sweets table. Yum! Yum yum yum! (So I may be a little hungry tonight while blogging… )

And this is why I LOVE natural light for dancing… These first dance pictures are pretty much my favorite of the season. Ahhh! Love!

Unfortunately we had to pack up and whisk ourselves away … to another wedding! Don’t worry everyone – I will never double book your day unless there are special circumstances like these two brides had! It was an amazing fun and long day, but I loved every second of it! So soon you’ll get to see the second half of the double – Karen and Scott! But for now – Thank you Kelly and Trent for inviting me and Paul to photograph such an important event to you, it was amazing!

If you wish to see any pictures slightly bigger, don’t hesitate to click on any of them! Also – don’t be afraid to leave a comment, they are always welcome!