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{martha&scott} married! – 7.16.11

Good morning everyone! Woke up early this morning and decided – why not get my blog post for the day done? Yay for being productive earlier in the day than normal, AND on a Monday!

So where do I begin! You all remember Martha and Scott from their engagement session right? Regardless to say – they were posing rockstars! And on their wedding day, it was no different :D We first met up with Martha at her hair salon to get some incredible photos of her getting her ‘doo’ finished. The two hours she had to wait to get it were worth every second! She was sporting a beautiful princess look the entire day.

So after her hair was finished, we all moved on back across town to the M.A.C. to get her make-up done of course! It was sooo much fun shooting in the mall – so many interesting angles and lighting to use! Honestly, these are some of my best getting ready shots ever… it was so hard to choose – I had to get Paul to help me because it was taking me too long!

So after lunch, she got dressed in the Holmdene Manor at Aquinas College. Beau-ti-ful. The small room upstairs to the side of the fireplace room – oh.mi.goodness – I was in love.

So, to get lots of formals and planned pictures finished before the ceremony (so we could have lots more party time at the reception!) Martha and Scott opted for the ‘first look.’ I love love love the first look shots because I’m able to capture every second of both the bride and the grooms faces! It’s great to see and feel the slight tension of the look too. It makes me smile from ear to ear every time. :D

So after that – We went to get some fierce shots downtown G.R. – It was hot, but they were beautiful!

We also got a few done in the gardens after the ceremony. These were so much fun because the stress of the day had melted away and we were able to get some great creative shots!

Alright! On to the ceremony! So like I said – It was a hot day (I mean, middle of July right? :P) But they had their ceremony in the cool shade in the fantastic gardens next to the Holmdene Manor. You couldn’t have asked for a better day in a beautiful location like this. The colors from the flowers mixed with the greens from all of the trees – I hope I get to shoot here again! And… again! And again!

First kiss!

Paul’s view above, and my view below – I just couldn’t choose because both are just so fantastic!

So after they drove away (and after a few more formals!) We headed on over to the Bluff where their reception was held. I actually live very close by – and would never had guessed there was a reception hall there on 28th street. But now that I know of it, I’m excited to shoot there again! It was a more private feeling in a great location overlooking the adjoining golf course. But enough of me writing about it! :D

I had never heard of the “shoe game” before this wedding actually. And now I’ve shot about 3 or 4 different weddings with it! And I see why it’s so popular – because it’s super hilarious and fun!

Thank you so much for inviting us to photograph your wedding Martha and Scott. We had a great time, and I had an even better time editing your photos! Your day was beautiful and I hope you enjoy!

And for everyone else – Feel free to comment or click on any image to make it larger! Thanks!