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{sneaky.sneaky.sneaky} 8.18.11

So I’ve gotten a few bigger posts out – Which is making some people more antsy to see more (of which I toooootally understand!)


Like I said – I’m on time for everything except blogs, I promise!! But If you want to see another sneak of what’s coming up in the next two-ish weeks…. Enjoy!


Fierce couple number one!

Adorable couple number two!

Sweet couple number three :D


Enjoy your day – and be sure to check out the longer post below if you haven’t yet!

{kendra&andrew} 7.2.11

While more images get backed up and I have to wait anyway – I am toootally going to use this time to make another blog post! It will be my last long one for probably another two weeks, which makes me sad… but I’m really excited (haha, as with every one of my posts I suppose!) to get this one up for you today. :D

Oh so where do I really begin? Kendra and Andrew make me smile every time I look through their images. They are the type of people you instantly feel comfortable with and who are extremely good with the camera. Even though they booked me for only 4 hours, they made my camera click faster than for an 8 hour usual wedding. Haha – I blew through some cards pretty fast that way!

Anyway! Their ceremony and reception were both in this beautiful location Apple Blossom Chapel and Gardens.Located in Fennville, MI this has got to be one of my most favorite places to now shoot. Around every corner was a fantastic photo op… and combined with the gorgeous July sunset – Ummmm I was in photographer heaven. I met up with them later in the afternoon just in time to catch their first look!

Good looking couple no? Yea…. super adorable!

Soooo again I got really carried away with formals… Haha… but like I said, and you will see, there were so many good places and opportunities it was hard not to shoot so many!

We actually staged a private first dance under the gazebo… AHdorable. Okay, I know I’ve said that a lot – but are you really going to say anything against it? I mean seriously!

Ugh, I wish I could post all of them from this series… There just wasn’t enough room for them all!

So we need to rewind a little bit back now to their ceremony!

So as I mentioned they were the type of people who make you feel like family within 3 minutes of meeting them, and it was really special to know that they choose a smaller more intimate family setting for their ceremony. Not that I dislike lots of guests, but I really do appreciate the simpleness of keeping a wedding smaller than usual. (I mean, at my own wedding we had about 125 guests, which is small-er, but not small.) You could feel the love between them even before she got all the way down the aisle – seriously, I was on the verge of tears.

That special moment every couple shares before the guests get the chance to congratulate them. :D

So during the ceremony, it seemed to be threatening rain (or there were tons of fireworks going off) but thankfully it held off. Fortunately if it had rained, the reception was covered!


So, it being two days before the 4th of July and all, of COURSE they had to do a sparkler exit! I spent a few days researching how to shoot one – since this was my first! It was actually really fun and I really can’t wait for the next one I do. After that, we set up quickly for a ‘sparkler date’ which was composed of a few family members writing out the date for them. Yea – it was awesome. Extremely awesome.

Oh, and HOW did I forget to mention that sunset? Yea. Photographer. Heaven.

So, thank you so much Kendra and Andrew for letting me photograph your beautiful wedding! It was ton’s of fun both shooting and editing your wedding! I can’t wait to get your engagement session in this fall. :D


Feel free to comment! Also feel free to click on any image to make it slightly larger. :D Oh wow – It was another late blogging night it seems! No wonder my cats both have been bothering me… they want to sleep!