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Can I finish this post in 10 minutes so I can get it out within the days time like I promised? Hah, I don’t think so – but I’ll try!


Anyway… Starting where I left off!


After formals on the dock, we walked back to the church. Oh yea, the greatest part was the fact that everything was almost walkable within eachother! So Paul and I only had to worry about one parking space from the start of the day, till the end. This, I always think, is totally fabulous. Anyway, the church they choose was so beautiful and had some of its fantastic original details from when it was built in 1880. Thankfully the day stayed devoid of rain, but sadly it meant that everything heated up a few notches in temperature. It felt good to get outside after a while!

Yea, how amazing is that ceiling? Soooooo pretty!

First kiss!

What was so perfectly timed was the bell ringing as they were pronounced and continued as they walked out of the church. Such a great moment!

So I would have to say that this has been the most unique reception I’ve ever shot and that I’ve ever been to personally. It was a plated dinner on the Grand Belle of Geneva. The sweethearts table was to die for, as was the 360 degree view 4 hour boat ride around the lake. Did I mention that this was awesome? I don’t think I can emphasize that enough!

That water tasted sooo good… It was a hot day!

So during the middle of the reception/ride Justin and Melissa had a photo booth set up upstairs and used that in lieu of a guest book. I got some great shots, so here are a few of my favorites!

I love it when guests come up with fun poses… I had completely forgotten about the above image, and I couldn’t help but giggle every moment I was editing it. :D

So there you have it! Melissa and Justin – It was very much a pleasure working with you and your lovely families! Wishing you the best of luck for your marriage and new house!


Oh, and as always – be sure to click on any image if you wish to see it larger!



I’m so sorry that I’ve gotten behind in my long posts blogging lately! I’m editing like a madwoman and currently it’s better to get weddings finished over blog posts! Look forward to a whole bunch of them in September when I finally get a time to do them all!


Thanks! And enjoy!


(aw darn… 12:36… close enough to the next day right? :P)