{melissa&justin.pt.1} 6.18.11

Aha! Finally I’ve found the time to get a big wedding blog out! In fact, this blog is so big in fact that I need to split it in to two parts!

Justin and Melissa are amazing people, so naturally they had a really amazing wedding! This actually also was my first destination wedding, which I was extremely excited to shoot in a completely new location in a completely different state!

So I’ll begin with their rehearsal. It was a good drive out to Lake Geneva, WI… and driving up to this city was great because the sky was blue and the temperature was perfect. Instead of shooting their engagement photos, which they had already gotten, Paul and I ended up shooting their rehearsal. It was fun getting to know and see the church before the big day. And when you look through these photos you’ll see that I also loved getting to shoot their getaway car too. It had been forecasted for rain on the 18th, so I naturally had to make sure to get as many outside details just in case the storm rolled in early.Reflection of the church in the bumper? Yes please!

Oh, and what else can be more perfect than a butterfly outside the church that was yellow – Their colors were yellow and grey. Yep… I was pretty excited!

So for dinner we had some pretttttty amazing deep dish chicago style pizza. Mmmmm it was tasty!

Oh, and the parking meter maids were pretty brutal in Lake Geneva… Haha, a photo of the meters – for memories sake! Fortunately Paul and I remained unscathed by them, but others weren’t so lucky.

So we started pretty early the next morning, which is great because I really love morning weddings because they get done earlier than the normal afternoon/evening ones. We also got some great weather in the morning so all the formals had fantastic lighting! I also loved Melissa’s dress, it was a kind that was ‘wrinkled’ so she never had to worry about sitting down and re-ironing. Virtually worry free!

So it was all up in the air about their ‘first look.’ So many things to consider! Do they do it privately, and we all just show up at a specific point for formals… do we do it in the hotel lobby? Outdoors? Thankfully it all beautifully fell in to place! I could tell Justin was anxious to see her – he couldn’t sit still and kept turning around too early! Haha, it was pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

So time for the formals! We took most of the bridal party photos on the dock by their reception boat. Oh yea, I’ll get to that one… in the next post! Anyway, I think I could have shot there all day because seriously… it was such a beautiful and unique location!

Oh, and pretty much in my top favorite shots is the one below. Cute thank-you’s idea!

At the dock too actually was the Polaris… The women had to take off their shoes because of the beautiful wooden floors, but it was sooo worth it!

Hahaha… I don’t know who’s idea this was, but I certainly liked it!

So after the getaway car, after the ceremony (and Starbucks!) we did just a few more formals in front of the church’s red doors. I really wish I could have posted them all because there wasn’t a shot I didn’t like. :D

Oh, and I turned around to this happening. I really really couldn’t help myself to shoot them shooting themselves!

So that’s the end of part one for today. Tomorrow comes part two! The ceremony, the reception and some of my favorites from the photobooth during the reception. I hope you are looking forward to it, because I am!

(Feel free to comment – and feel free to click on any image to make it larger!)


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