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{i’!} 7.20.11

Well as you all know, busy wedding season has sunk in and I’m craaaaazy behind on blog posts. I really can’t wait to show you my next four weddings – If only my editing fingers worked faster! Anyway, it’s been a pretty terrible week so far, so you can imagine why I choose the image I did for today’s post. It’s calming. Relaxing. And really makes me feel like there is a glimmer of hope for getting things done within the times I promised. Sorry if this post seems like a downer – because it really isn’t! I just wanted to bring a little sunshine to your and my day. :D

Now I feel like I should get some tea. If only it wasn’t so hot outside! (and if only I had air inside!)

{} 7.17.11

Double weekend! It was warm and humid – but it was certainly a beautiful day!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!