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{martha&scott} engaged! – 6.19.11

Happy fourth of July! I hope everyone is enjoying their festivities! I for one can’t wait to shoot off some fireworks and eat some traditional 4th food!


But! Enough about me – I’d like to share Martha and Scott’s engagement session with you :D


So after a few sad reschedules, and under the threat of rain we were able to finally get out and shoot! The sky was warning us that it was going to maybe open up and pour, but thankfully the cloud cover was minimal and no rain fell! So we met at Spring Grove Park in Hudsonville, and it was absolutely gorgeous… unfortunately we had to quicken our pace because there was going to be a wedding happening on the section of the park we wanted to shoot in! But we got so many fabulous shots that having a shorter time frame didn’t matter at all :D

Martha and Scott were not short of ideas, which is always fantastic with a couple. Another fantastic thing? Every pose they did was magic – I mean, the camera seriously LOVED them!

Oh, and I also get really excited when people are willing to give silly faces for the camera… haha – good for a laugh every time!

Okay okay okay… I made them dip kiss a lot… but they were so good at it!

So after the park we packed up and decided to drive on down to Holland. Ahh, it was amazing… the last time I shot downtown Holland it was super cold – so it was really nice seeing it all warm and inviting. Did I mention the camera loved these two?

This was the second time drivers stopped while we were taking pictures… Silly cars! I can wait for my shot! Holland drivers are just waaaaaay too nice I guess! And it was a Vette no less!

We also found this fantastic little oil and vinegar shop… Martha wanted some indoor ones – and they were pretty much the only store open! I’m happy though… it was incredibly beautiful in there and in that heat, it was really nice to be in some air conditioning for a few minutes :D

So after a few more downtown Holland shots we found some awesome train tracks by a cute little station. And yes, you might have guessed it, the shots were ah-mazing.

Oh yea… I just about died when he picked her up for a dip kiss…. AHHH so cute!

Right as soon as we got back to the platform a train came down the tracks… talk about timing! We must have gotten a little too close, or they must just do this anyway, but that train was LOOOOUD.

And sometimes I get my most favorite shots in the first few frames… and occasionally I get my most favorite shot in the last few frames. This one was definitely the last frame – and it is totally my favorite of the day!


Martha and Scott – I can’t wait for the wedding in a few weeks! It was fun getting to know you :D


As usual! Feel free to comment and to click on any image for a little more detail! And like I said, have a great holiday!