{rachel&matt} engaged! 6.12.11

Time for one more post today! Again – I certainly hope that this weather today decides what it wants to do… I see sun, then I see clouds, then I hear thunder, then it’s sunny again. Decide sky! Decide!


Anyway! Rachel and Matt actually heard of me not by the ‘usual’ means. I was actually at a meeting with other clients and they over heard what we were talking about, and I suppose obviously liked it! It’s always overwhelming to decide who you want as your vendors, so it must have been great to have me just ‘fall’ into their laps! Anyway, Rachel and Matt remind me a lot of Paul and I, and it was very apparent while we were shooting! We were all thinking on the same level for ideas for poses and locations that we thought would work, joking and laughing the whole way through. And we were actually super cold, strange for a mid June morning! Thankfully the coffee shops opened around 8 so there was a little warmth through that :D

So we started at one of my favorite places in the world, Rosa Park Circle. It was a cold Sunday morning – So thankfully I didn’t have to work around a ton of people!

So after a coffee run, we walked on over to the blue bridge for some more romantic portraits. And that ivy wall, oooh I LOVE that ivy wall!

Oh and p.s. I totally forgot to mention her adorable circle coat… soooo cute!

And there is always time for the Amway!

And what good are Grand Rapids pictures without the Calder as a prop? Loooooove it!

So then we decided the tire swing also had to be used… I mean, we were already there right? :P.  And p.s., don’t ask me how we fit all of this in to one walk! I just realized that all of these things aren’t that far away from each other, but holy cow we got a lot!

And another lovely idea from Matt below – He certainly had a lot of them! (which I always enjoy!)

P.s. every shot they had such a different cute face on… lol, it made for some hilarious editing! :D

So there you have it! Rachel and Matt, it was a pleasure… I can’t wait till next April! Enjoy!



Please feel free to comment or click on any image to view a few more details!



One response

  1. Judith Alexander

    Pictures are GREAT! What a romantic couple!!! Aunt Judy

    June.30.2011 at 10:52 am

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