{baby.maddie} 6.5.11

Ahhhh get ready for a world of cute!


So it’s been quite a while since I’ve actually shot a baby session – remember adorable baby Grant? – so I was super hyped to shoot my old bosses daughter, Maddie! We had planned on doing the shoot sometime mid May… but due to all the rain practically every weekend we had to post pone it to June instead which I was SOOO happy we did because the weather was absolutely magnifico! It was also great to see Jess again and catch up, as it’s been over two years! But seriously now, on to the cuteness :D

Sheeeee wasn’t so sure about getting photographed for the first few minutes, haha…. Good thing Daddy came by to cheer her up!

Hahaha, I love the progression of expressions here!

And this is why I always encourage props… how cute is that little rocking chair? I’m going to have to be on the lookout for one of my very own now – I don’t think I’ll ever want to do another baby shoot without one!

And ohmigosh… those blue eyes…. Ahhhh I wish my eyes were that pretty!

Oh and look, a puppy! How could I resist one portrait of the puppy?

More cheering up from daddy, oh and look, leaves!

Oh, and a few family portraits too – apparently the grass was much more interesting… haha

There you have it… I have really begun to start liking baby sessions, they are just so darn adorable and fun. Please feel free to comment or click on any image to see a little more detail!


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