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{terri&jason} married! – 5.14.11

Time for another wedding post!


I met Terri last August, and I could tell she was a girl who knew exactly what she wanted. Bouncing ideas off from each other, we were able to find the perfect shots for their engagement session downtown Kalamazoo and for their wedding at Gull Lake. (wow, the engagement session was such a long time ago – before I was even blogging!) From that I could tell that she loved a more romantic feel in her photographs and she and Jason posed with great ease :D


Anyway! The girls got their hair done in Kalamazoo, and all of their unique styles were very beautiful. I actually loved how Terri choose to put a decorative comb underneath her veil  so when she too the veil off for the reception, her hair still had charm.

Oh, and p.s. I LOVE the lacy detail around the veil – so cute!

So to save some time, and to get some adorable photos of them – they opted for the first look before the wedding (which I always love – it makes for such fun/cute/romantic photos!) She gave me the task of finding the right location that wasnt too far away, but was far enough to make it private for them… I found the perfect hill where even I could hide a little bit. And thankfully the weather behaved itself for these!

We then moved on to a wonderful private time where we were inspired by the golf course for some beautiful shots. I really wish I could post all of their portraits because pretty much I loved each and every one of them more than the next!

So a little out of order – but during the reception we were able to sneak away from some really awesome romantic stormy pictures. At this time it was planned for sunset photos – but I love the mood that the weather was giving us. It was great to just relax and shoot some more when it was not as crucial to keep hair in place and makeup from smearing. I’d have to say – these are some of my favorites from the entire day.

So, unfortunately the weather (boy I talk about weather a lot more nowadays) started to turn for the worse before the ceremony, so they had to set up in the reception hall. This however didn’t effect how special or how wonderful the ceremony was. I loved the simplicity of the choice of music being played by a single guitar player…

So instead of a sand ceremony or a candle, they too did something different. They had a sweeter wine and a more bitter wine that they tasted.

At the reception, Terri had a garden theme and each table had either a herb or a flower name. Also, instead of clanking the glasses to get them to kiss, they had a crossword puzzle and if you got one correct then they would kiss but if you got it wrong they pulled a name from a hat and THAT couple had to kiss!

Ahhhhh rain – why did you have to come almost every weekend in may!?

So there you have it – Congrats to you Terri and Jason!