{julie&tim} married! – 5.7.11


Well, editing sure has caught up with me! May came, I’ve shot four weddings in the past month and I’m finally able to put Julie and Tim’s wedding on the blog – Look for Terri and Jason’s tomorrow!

Julie and Tim had a beautiful ceremony out on Heritage Glen Golf Course in Paw Paw, MI. You may actually remember them from their fun (and very cold!) engagement session back in February. I had been watching the weather for about a week and a half hoping and crossing my fingers that it would be admirable, to which it stayed almost perfect until about right after their outdoor ceremony (score!) Julie loved my style and had specific requests for some fun creative shots – that I was only happy to oblige. Both Julie and Tim’s families and friends made both me and Paul feel like we fit right in and they were very hospitable!

They choose to not see each other before the ceremony, which made for some crazy times because the bathrooms each was getting ready in was right across from eachother!

What I thought was also super cute was the fact that had her hangers with labels on them – what a super cute unique touch! (plus I didn’t have to go find a pretty hanger to hang her dress on for pictures!)

Haha, I really don’t know who’s idea this was as I was with the girls at this time… but I find it hilarious!

I do love my diptychs. Interesting fact – these two were probably taken about an hour apart. I love a good planned photo collage!

Okay, haha, the wedding party was fun to pose – but hard because there was a baseball game that was on… and if I remember right it was a no hitter? Correct me if I’m wrong! And we had to work around the sprinkle the clouds were giving us.

The gazebo was situated a short walk across the course. There was worry they had to quickly set everything up in the reception hall, but the sky was beautiful all the way up to the very end, after everyone got back inside to ‘safty!’

Julie actually remembered to give me a program (with a ribbon for my camera! Thanks!) even though they didn’t get the chance to use them, I still had a good time photographing it :D

So it seems I’m talking a lot during this post! But they had so many cute differences than a traditional wedding! The wine glasses, wine bottle, and chest were instead of a sand ceremony or candles. What they actually did was nailed the glasses and wine with hand written notes as to why they loved each other in to the chest. If the were going to get in to a fight that was particularly harsh they would open it up, drink a glass of wine and read their notes. (I think at this time I actually started crying – I’m such a sucker for love!) If this never happened they were going to wait for a significant anniversary and just reinforce their love for each other again.

And a dip kiss – AHHH I love it!

And to the reception! If you remember me posting their invitation photos from before – it had a beautiful theme of blacks, whites and greens. I was so happy to see that she kept this theme  through the reception – even on the photo booth photos!

And again – another one of those details that seemed to be very much Julie and Tim style… Their cake! I certainly have never seen a wedding cake like this before – and it brought a smile to everyone’s face as soon as they saw it :D I love, in particular, the bride and groom figurines on top!

It was a lot of fun editing some of the best dancing pictures both Paul and I have ever taken – Seriously! (And hilariously enough – the same DJ did Terri and Jason’s wedding a week later! Small world I guess!)

As I do more of these blogs, it’s getting harder and harder to choose what to go in them! Julie and Tim – Congrats and Enjoy!

And as always – Feel free to click on any image to view some more detail, and feel free to comment as well!


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