{harmony&eli} engaged! – 5.8.11

Hey there! As promised – another blog post for today!

So as booked as I am for this season, I remarkably still have a few dates left open but Harmony and Eli actually were able to get in a Thursday wedding this year! I knew from our meeting at starbucks that their shoots (engagement, and hopefully wedding!) were going to be fun, laid back and creative. Harmony quickly set up a great day earlier this month for a cute romantic engagement session in fun Grand Haven. I had forgotten how slow Grand Haven was in the off season! Which was great, because we were able to navigate the streets with little background people. Anyway – enough words, let’s get to the pretty pictures!

Ohlala! And look at the amazing smiles I was getting!

It was just seriously the most perfect day – so many beautiful lush greens! Wonderful blue skies… and just oh, the colors :D

P.s. I LOVE the eyebrow raise Eli… we’ll have to utilize this on your wedding day!

Did I mention it was the most perfect day outside – And that ice cream sounded and looked dee-lish! (I think it was black cherry? MMM!) They actually visit this ice cream stand on their dates through Grand Haven… Harmony also mentioned a few other hot spots they visit that sound pretty fantastic as well… I need to get out there more often!

Heading on down the boardwalk to the pier… It’s been too long for me! I forgot how beautiful it all was… and did I mention? I need more shoots on the beach!

Cutest dip kiss… ever! Haha, and they nearly fell down after. These shoots are always good times!

And trust me – that water is still very much COLD! (my feet even took a little dip, haha)

I seriously can’t wait for the wedding you two – It’s going to be super adorable and fun, I can tell already!

Feel free to comment, or click on any image to make it slightly larger!

and p.s. – How AH-MAZING is it outside today!? Oh I so wish I was shooting a session right now with this sun. Ah! I just love the springtime!


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