{laura&matt} engaged! – 5.2.11

Well – hello there again!

May has been, in short, a BUSSSSSY month for me! If you couldn’t tell by my 3 posts on mothers day alone. :D What’s insane is the fact that we’re only 10 days in, and I’m almost wanting it over! Haha… but really – I do prefer to be busier than have nothing to do!

Anywho! On to the post! I actually knew Laura all the way back in highschool from … oh what was it… symphonic band? Or was it regular band? I can’t remember anymore! Anyway! The little oboe feuds we had fortunately didn’t last :D. So fast forward a few years, and you can tell that she picked her soul mate. Matt. How do I describe Matt? I could say the regular, he’s sweet, he’s kind, and just an all around nice guy – but what I would ALSO say is that he’s one of the goofiest groom to be I’ve ever shot. Let’s just say that the rare shot WITHOUT a smile was hard to get. We took an amazing walk through Aman Park. I can see why they choose that location to shoot in – It was incredible!

Oh, and they were amazing dip kissers :D

Did I mention that there were funny faces? Haha, because yea… there were LOTS :P

Oh yea – how can anyone keep a straight face while shooting this? Hahaha. Goofy couples are the best!

So about this point in the walk, we found beds and beds of trillium and some great little ponds. I love playing with reflections :D

And how cute is this – they played some Pooh sticks! A game that is very important you choose the right stick, because it does make a difference!

Oh, and Matt won, btw :D

Laura and Matt – Paul and I can’t wait to join you and your families in your celebration next year. I can tell, it’s going to be one rocking wedding!

Feel free to comment or click on any image to make it larger! Have a fantastic day!


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