{kelly&trent} engaged! – 4.23.11

Well, as I sit here enjoying my cat Banksy enjoying his newly discovered ‘bird show,’ I think I’ll complete an engagement post too!

I was so excited to shoot Kelly and Trent’s engagement session last week Saturday. The sun was out, they were full of cute wonderful ideas, and I was shooting at the Rockford Dam… which is always beautiful! You could tell that the town was full of life because there was just so many people around shooting pictures, fishing, and just taking a warm walk in the sun! Thankfully we were able to find some spots secluded from the hustle :D

Ahh, they were sooo inspiring!!!

Trent had brought his guitar for the shoot, and I thought… How adorable would it be if they went to the other bridge and he serenaded her? Gah! So cute!

Don’t forget about my favorite… dip kisses! OH, and Kelly definitely had the cutest collection of shoes. All three outfits had completely different styles. Don’t worry, you’ll see all three pairs in this post!

Then after they put the guitar away, out came the fishing rod! We moved right next to the river for some of the greatest shots I think I’ve ever taken. I wish I could post them all because seriously they were too awesome!

So after an outfit change, we headed on over to this awesome bookstore that was made partially from old train cars. Is it weird to say that I’m in love with all these new locations? I had never known any of this really existed! Any couples I’m shooting – please tell me of any location you like because I really love seeing new places to shoot!

Annnnd cue round two of amazing shoes!

So the final location we did was a little more downtown Rockford (all still within walking distance of course) with this fun little coffee shop. :D

And finally, round three close up :D

So there you have it! Kelly and Trent – I can’t wait for your morning wedding in August!

Don’t hesitate to comment – or to click an image to make it larger for a little more detail. There should be a sneak peek later today as well of another engagement session I’ll be shooting this afternoon. Have a lovely day!


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