{new.house} 4.21.11

Hello to everyone again!

It’s been a super busy week for me – Last Saturday I shot a wedding, right in between moving from our apartment to our new house! There has been limited internet access for me now – so I’ve pretty much been dying to post this other sneak from last Saturday…

So it was actually nice out today, so I was able to snap some photos of my house to show off as well! Actually because of the move I get my own photo studio space (yes, I know right? The greatest thing ever!) and the first two below are of that and my sisters house warming gift of beautiful pink tulips.

Banksy wondering what I was up to – and also wondering if he could eat them.

So there you have it! Please bear with me, like I said I currently have limited internet so my email response is going to be much later than usual.

Have a fantastic sunny spring day!


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