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{editing.magic} 4.11.11

So usually I hate to put up any kind of unedited work, but I felt today that it was important to show you all how it’s such a good thing to wait to have your photographer – whoever it may be – edit your photographs. You don’t want someone to just throw all of your images on to a DVD or CD straight out of the camera. I think later, when I have the walls to be able to show it, I’ll also do a post about print size and importance of making some hard copies of your photographs. But that’s for later!

Below is an image I posted before of Brandon and Emily’s engagement session. On the left is the image straight out of my camera in the raw format without any editing at all. On the right, is my final edit. As beautiful as the photograph was before – Isn’t it so much more warm and beautiful after?

Just a few things to think about when booking a photographer!