{friends.galore} 4.8.11

Well, it’s been a fun long warming week – but I really can’t wait for tomorrow’s weather because… *drumroll* it’s going to be in the 60’s! YES. Real warmth. So to celebrate such warmth, I’m going to finally post my friends session – Katie, Kori, and a little bit of lisa!


I’m going to keep most of the wording down on this one. In short, my photographer friend Lisa wanted to shoot with a fixed lens, she was in town and I wanted to reflex my fingers with my 85. You can really never stop learning with shooting. Also my other photographer friend and second shooter, Kori, wanted to try out her reflector and new telephoto lens. Katie of course as beautiful as she always is, was totally willing to model for all of us!


Don’t forget to comment if you like anything, and click on any image to make it slightly larger. Here’s some wonderful wintry pictures!

Looks like a Gap ad, no? :D

I’ve said it a million times before, but I LOVE my job. Yay – Enjoy your weekend!


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