{ashley&steven} engaged! – 3.26.11

Hello again!

I think I’m starting to get used to this blogging thing. I started this blog late last November and I’ve had over 6,000 hits and that really excites me! Another thing is, I do believe that every time I post the amount of pictures grows and grows… which I might think about changing soon – Only because it is taking a lot of time to load it on any web browser! But for today, You’ll get to see Ashley and Steven’s fullllll post :D. And honestly, I’m sad I could only pick  these because we had a very amazing beautiful shoot that just had way too many good pictures to choose from!

So let’s begin! And where we begin is waaaay far out in mid Michigan land! The furthest I’ve actually traveled for an engagement session and thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day so the trip out with Paul was super enjoyable. We actually started out at this beautiful park called “Island Park.” This park had everything fun, play equipment – snow – water – bridge – AND train tracks!

And I think I’m going through a black and white phase… ahhh I love it so much! And don’t forget the fun faces below… Good times were had :D

And what’s an Jenn engagement session without a little element of danger/awkward placing? Yea… You know it’s fun! And almost always fabulous. Okay, not almost always, definitely always!

Then onto the train tracks!

And seriously, one of my most favorite portraits below… like… ever!

So after the park we ended up going down the street just a little bit to the their alma mater, CMU. We started in (what I think was the oldest building on campus?) this amazing hallway. Dip kisses? I think YES! Oh and the cute crafted book proposal? Yea, that’s how Steven proposed to Ashley! Not the same place… but what a cute reminder of how you got engaged :D

(yes, I do know there are bars in their faces… sometimes you just need to think outside the box!) And How adorable is the picture below? Seriously?

So then we moved on to the library – Did I tell you how hard it was to choose what to put in this post? Yea… Next time I have this problem I might just split up posts!

So what’s really great about this session is the fact that I now feel like I have a definite specific style. Not that I didn’t have that feel before, but now it’s just cemented in. And I love it! It’s crazy to think I’ve only been at this for less than a year really, but I’ve learned so much and I really can’t wait to learn more. I’m SOOO looking forward to all of my weddings this year.

Oh! And as always, feel free to click on any image to make it slightly larger, and don’t hesitate to comment if you like something! Have a fantastic sunny day! Jasmine and Charles, you’re up next!


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