{baby.grant} 3.10.11

Hello everyone!


Well, it is that time again, time to post an absolutely adorable blog that is! So I’ll have to admit it, I haven’t done very many infant sessions in my career as a photographer. Only two before this if I’m counting correctly. I was a little hesitant because posing babies is a LOT different than posing an engagement couple or a senior but I think I rocked it! (If I just say so myself :D)


Grant was an ADORABLE little model to work with! I’m glad I did some posing research, but it was great that Stephanie (aka mommy) had so many awesome posing ideas of her own which made for some great portraits. But enough of me talking – on to some pictures! And might I add, as always, TOO HARD to choose which ones to go on the blog!


Stephanie had some of the best baskets and blankets for props. I was insanely jealous! Now I want to go out and buy a whole bunch of props for my next baby session!

Eeeee! Feetsees!

Tee hee… baby expressions. He wasn’t impressed with my 85mm lens, it was all in his face I could tell!

Ending with the cutest one, of course!


So as usual, feel free to comment and feel free to click on any image to make it just a little larger for just a touch more detail! Have a lovely day!



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