{product.shoot} 3.8.11

Well, I’ve finally found the time to post this one! People have always wondered what a few of my different products looked like, and I know that I used to have some product shots before, but I thought that since I’ve changes and tweaked a few things around since then that I would do a product re-shoot!

So actually the first thing I’m going to show you is what I’ll be sending engagement DVDs and other session proofs/final DVDs in too. I was super excited (and those of you who have met with me know this is very true about me and new products!) to finally order my first one and I LOVED my first result. There is a little bit of tweaking left on my design – but it is fully customized to YOUR session with YOUR pictures! Nothing cookie cutter, yay! :D

I can still give you my old style of disc presentation if you prefer, but it nearly isn’t as fun or desirable as this!

So next are my MINI albums! I love putting these together! When I was printing in the dark room during college I almost nearly printed smaller than 3 1/2 x5 (so in other words, tiny prints!) and this love of smaller photos definitely carried over to my professional life.  So you can imagine my super excitement when I discovered these little gems. I actually made one of these myself for my OWN wedding album! They come in their own little box, which makes it even easier to bring these around to show your friends and family without the ‘white glove’ feel of the bigger more bulky album. These are also super perfect for show off parent albums! Again, all custom designed to your photos. All albums take 3-4 months after you’ve decided what photos you want!

I offer these in both the chocolate color and the black! And as always, they are 50% off after your first one purchased. So order as many as you like without breaking the bank!

So next, many of you have definitely seen at meetings. So below are my awesome super dooper DVD albums for weddings. Again, aaaasssss always custom designed! This is actually what you get your purchased wedding DVD set in. Again, I was SO excited when I found these a year ago. What is so great is that you will have some actual prints and a small album (only 2 pages ((or four sides)), but still! Something!) to physically show someone as soon as you get your DVDs. The photos rarely do this justice, seriously!

Oh, haha, I thought I might have had more than just one to show you… but on to my last section!

So last but not least – prints! Prints are pretty simple :D. I print everything at my most favorite professional lab right here in Grand Rapids! You don’t have to worry about me sending anything off to a far away state to get something that is even more beautiful and professional than a huge lab that handles way too many photographers at once. These prints will last way longer than something you can print off at home or even something you will print off at Meijer or Walmart. Many of my packages actually offer prints. I actually recommend ordering both prints AND the DVD set for a few different reasons. Yes, you will get your DVDs with all of your files, BUT 90% of the time you plan on printing anything it actually never happens. I made sure I received my discs from my photographer, but it took me a year and a half to even get one photo printed. And, yes, it was actually only 1 print. Not too soon after I did make my album, but it took me a super long time. Also, what is nice about prints is, just in case (in extreme cases only) your house is broken in to, or something like that it is most likely they won’t go for actual printed photos/albums. Whew, that was wordy… let’s look at some pretty pictures now!

So, I know that was a little wordy… but I hoped you liked it!

I’ve also had interest expressed in maybe some kind of workshop for shooting and/or post processing. Send me an email/write a comment if you’re interested. Right now I’m really just going to get the feel of interest and if it’s a popular idea I might do something in April!


One response

  1. Amanda

    So very cool! I will be ordering a few prints from our engagement session. Do you accept credit cards or only cash/check? I will email you with the numbers and sizes sometime soon. Just let me know how I can get payment to you.
    Seriously love all of the personal touches that you put into your work. I will be using your talents in years to come I am sure!

    March.8.2011 at 4:28 pm

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