{amanda&joe} engaged – 2.12.11

Why, hello there again! If you couldn’t tell already I’ve been all busy with a LOT of engagement sessions this month! And eep! I have two more to still go… which is actually incredibly awesome. :D

Anyway! On to Amanda and Joe. Being from Kalamazoo, and me being here in G.R. I was super excited to finally meet Amanda. We had been emailing back and forth for a while now so it was really great to put a face to her name (of course it was great to meet Joe too!) We were supposed to begin in a theater downtown Kalamazoo, but unfortunately the person who was supposed to open it for us forgot – so we opted for the Radisson instead. As sad as I was that we didn’t get to go into the theater we got some AH-mazing shots in the hotel. So sit back and enjoy!

It was so awesome, they let me do so many fun and different things! Kissing while the elevator doors are closing?!!? GAH so cute! (above)

So Joe actually works at the Radisson so we got to take a small look at the wonderful grand suite! This place was soooo incredible. It had a little of everything beautiful, including a awesome view of downtown Kalamazoo. Also, we got some sweet shots – I love my job!

So after the 9th floor we ended up actually going to the same train station that we went too for Terri and Jason’s engagement photos. Of course the weather was completely different now so it made for some completely brand new and unique photos!

Be ready to have your world rocked by some BEAUTIFUL portraits! Let’s just say, it was reallllly hard to edit down these pictures to these few. The puppy (Rogan) came a little later… but I loved the cool tones with the warm tones in this dyptich. EEE!

So yes… the puppy! So you might already know that sometimes it’s difficult(ish!) to take pictures with a more hyper dog. I got actually a ton of great ones, but ohmigosh… I was editing these and I seriously couldn’t stop laughing. We also moved to East campus for the remainder of their shoot with Rogan… It was this beautiful old building that I seriously could have shot in front of for hours. It just had so much to it!

Amanda and Joe – This was awesome! I can’t wait for September :D

Oh and per usual – Feel free to comment and click on any image to make it slightly larger!


4 responses

  1. Michelle

    Congratulations (again!) Amanda and Joe!!!

    Beautiful photos!!! Love the colors and love the shots of Kzoo mixed in :)

    February.18.2011 at 3:18 am

  2. Julie

    LOL at the dog shots! But, they always end up “posing” in the end :)

    March.5.2011 at 10:48 am

    • Hahahaha. I always get super worried about shots with the pupps… But thankfullly they always turn out so cute!

      March.5.2011 at 11:44 am

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