{brie&dustin} engaged – 2.6.11

It’s hard to think that a week ago I was shooting this session! It was cold, it was snowing, it was fun. Then a week later our (what seems random) upper 40’s weather, oh crazy February. :D


Anyway! On to the post! Brie and Dustin were great fun, letting me try a few new (and old!) things creativity wise. We had originally planned on meeting in Holland, but due to the huge snow storm (some termed as ‘snowmageddon’ 2011) they decided that downtown G.R. would probably be the best. I’m positive that we would have gotten great stuff in Holland, but boy did we get some good shots walking around. :D


And as always, feel free to comment – or to click on an image to make it slightly bigger to view!

Can’t lie about this… I LOVE shooting outside of the GRAM. Oh it’s like they made it just for me!

One task of mine actually was to try and get some non-wintry feeling photos… I don’t think I did half bad, can you even tell with some of the above portraits?


So, they needed to have one outfit change – had to get one in his uniform! We were planning on doing some shooting in DeVos Place, but only minutes before parking we discovered there was an auto show. Being our sneaky sly selves, we found a way upstairs away from all the commotion without having to buy tickets – Perfect! Also… there was an odd robot… but back to him later…

Que strange robot… haha. Oh! And awesome escalator kissing!

So, not moments before I took these portraits… I had just mentioned how I’m not the biggest fan of shooting in car parks. Then I looked at the wall and felt silly, because I knew I immediately had to take some pictures in front of it. Sooo glad I took back my words on that!

And again, what’s snow without a little bit of playing in it? Especially when it’s falling as fast as it was already. :D

So yea! If you forgot what I said about this shoot being extremely fun, just let the pictures speak for themselves. My next post will also have soooo many fun and incredible shots too. Keep a lookout for that one!


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