{ashley&josh} engaged – 2.5.11

Hello again!

I woke up somewhat early this morning (yea, 9:30 is early for me since I’m somewhat on Paul’s second shift schedule) and I thought that it was the PERFECT time to post since I had gotten all the collages ready for today already. :D Actually I’ve been working a lot with more new types of editing (some that might look a little over processed, but since it’s not all of them it makes it okay!) and others that enhance the photos that I kind of like. Anyway Ashely and Josh were serious amounts of fun and were totally willing to try some creative stuff which is always a plus! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been liking the individual portrait diptych (diptych being two photos paired with each other, generally they are the ones where I cut off heads but it’s really when any two photos are put together to be enhanced) lately almost as much as I have been liking the ‘dip kiss’ which is extremely noticeable that I LOVE those on my website… blog… facebook. Anyway – Back to the pictures! (which honestly is the best part – not going to lie on this one, I feel especially talkative today)

When I shoot engagements, I usually let people decide one or two locations of where they might want to go. Right away at our initial meeting Ashley chimed up with somewhere I’ve never shot before and I was super excited that she wanted to go down to Yesterdog. A place where they sell delicious hot dogs you say? Sign me up! Although, I didn’t get to eat one… they sure did smell super delicious.

A little carving… we’re in Yesterdog – how can you not get your initials in some where? :D

Then some absolutely fabulous shots outside the phone booth…

So then we decided to walk around easttown for a little bit. A few shots in the street later… (the light was red – so not THAT dangerous)

So when we were about half way through shooting, Ashley mentioned how much she loved Emily and Brandon’s location (just a few posts down) so we decided to pack up and drive off back to Calvin’s nature preserve. Honestly if I had remembered how absolutely beautiful the Bunker Center is I might have brought our photographer for our engagement session down there. She was slightly worried that Emily would think that it was copying her too much – I can assure you now Ashley, Emily thought it was great! So if you recognize some places/locations from the few post’s down they are definitely the same. :D We tried putting a slightly different flair on the pictures though, and it totally worked!

Then outside, for what I like to call “mom pictures.” Mom pictures aren’t as bad as you might think. Since my style is so lifestyle/modern I like to stick a few in there that will last and people won’t think how “2011” they are. Typically they are also the photos Moms love because of their simplistic approach to a portrait with little bells and whistles. Honestly I love taking these almost as much as I love taking all the rest of the sessions pictures because they are generally so romantic and cute!

(and then some more diptych fun… tee hee :D)

And by the way, the snow angels was Paul’s idea… Of course it was a really adorable idea. Why can’t you take a little time to play in the snow? My next session shows that as well… Don’t worry couples/people who are shooting with me in the winter – we usually wait until the very end to do fun stuff like that (as to not mess up hair or anything).

And we end with a super sweet kiss through the dried grass…

It was great getting to know you Ashley and Josh – Can’t wait for August’s wedding (where it will be considerably warmer and we’ll be wishing for it to be that cold again!)

Enjoy, feel free to comment on this post (or any others) and click on any photo to make it slightly larger if you want just a little more detail. I’ve been so productive today, woo!


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