{emily&brandon} engaged – 2.3.11 [part.1]

So I don’t normally get photos edited so quickly after a session… but since this was only a half session (other half to come in the spring time!) I got it done in nearly record time :D

Anyway, Emily and Brandon are actually old friends of mine from Calvin! I’ll be doing their wedding (yay super excited!) in august which is also very exciting! Anyway, after our huge storm, it was a BEAUTIFUL day on thursday and Emily decided to give me a call to see if I wanted to fit in a quick half session in the snow. Let’s just say – AHHHmazing.

After a few dip kisses in the snow (not shown here… sadly some have to be edited out of the post! :( ) why not have them charge at me in the snow? It just was so cute and awesome!

We actually shot at Calvin’s nature preserve… and after the running they had ton’s of snow in their shoes. So naturally we visited the bunker center so they could warm up a little. I think my mom actually made some of these banners that are hanging from the ceiling. It was one of her projects she made when I was not around so much, so I didn’t see it a lot to remember it without checking which are which… but I want to say they are the blue one’s in the middle. Anyway, the center made for some super fun portraits :D

And what’s a shoot in the snow without a little throwing of snow? I mean, comon’!

The look of, “um… sorry for throwing snow in your face….” Haha…

Sooooo I told Emily that they wouldn’t be up until the second part of their session, I seriously couldn’t wait. Can you totally see why? Yea. They are AWESOME.

Yay… busy weekend, two engagement to go!


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