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{julie&tim} engaged – 1.29.11

Delivering as promised! Busy season has definitely started up again – I have four scheduled engagements this month, plus I shot one impromptu one today! So as my kitteh rests and dreams upon my lap – I blog!

I knew Julie and Tim were going to be fun when I met up with Julie all those months (has it been months already!?) ago. I was super excited too, because there was words of a cute puppy coming! To which, I was definitely NOT dissapointed with – you should check out his super fluffy tail! Oh oh oh, and his name was Riot! Okay, pupps aside – I’m ready to post some pictures! We met up at John Ball Zoo Park (I don’t know if I’ve ever been there actually, I mean, I’ve been to the zoo, but the park no :D) And I can tell you this now, I was suuuuper excited for the light snow that was happening! You can’t really see it all that much in these smaller photos, but in full resolution, ahhhh it was lovely.

Who can resist a little playground equipment! Not I, I say. :D (I don’t think Riot could resist either, hee hee.)

But of course we needed someone to hoooold onto the pupps while they got a FEW alone in the park. Paul was only happy to oblige :D He did such a good job!

I like to call the above one, “ewwww you’re kissssssiiiinggg!”

Anyway, after the park, we went downtown G.R. for some more city inspired shots. I couldn’t resist that art museum and those windows. Seriously I could shoot all day in front of that building and never be finished!

Then we headed over to GVSU’s G.R. campus… and definitely got some shots on that beautiful blue bridge. Including one of my most favorite dip kiss pictures!

(yep, it’s that one!)

Okay, so this was a wonderful surprise for me – Julie told me about this phone booth in one of the buildings on campus (omigosh, it was AWESOME. I’m such a nerd at heart and all I could think of was Dr. Who – okay it’s not exactly the same… but still, PHONE BOOTH! SOO cute!)

After the booth we headed over to the library with a few fun stops along the way. I can’t stay away from those detail shots either – they make for such good composites. :D (p.s. when I take detail shots, you get all of those too!)

The last stop we had in the Eberhard building right before the bridge (I can’t seem to remember its name – sorry!) and it was amazing to see the view it had over G.R. I never realized there were places that were accessible to see downtown from a higher viewpoint! Don’t know why, I guess I had never thought of it before.

And the last thing we saw was this random ice sculpture of a griffin without a head… It was just too hilarious and perfect

It was lovely getting out and shooting with you guys! (especially before that huge snowstorm!)

So on other notes, it was the first shoot with my newest lens – that I can’t shut up about – and with my new battery grip! In all, I love how they both perform and I can’t wait to shoot with my new equipment again this weekend!

Enjoy! And always feel free to open any image to view it a little larger and feel free to comment!

{brrrr.cold!} 2.3.11

Beautiful day for an impromptu engagement session! Look forward to another full engagement post later tonight too – yay!

Freezing cold, but got this shot. WOOOOOORTH iiiiit!