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{congratulations.2010} 12.31.10

Last day of the year!

I feel that the last day of the year warrants a post of congratulations to every newlyweds that I shot this year! It was my first year of business… and I’ve come a long way since my first wedding on May 8! I have nearly 10 weddings now booked for next year (at this time last year, I only had one booked!) And I shot 12 in 2010 (for those of you who ask at our meetings!) And I find it also appropriate to post a photo from each one! I also did a ton of engagement sessions and seniors this year who all get honorable mentions – but to post a picture from each shoot would take me forever! So here you have it – Names and dates are below each picture. Congrats to all! (Even the couples I didn’t shoot for 2010) Happy new year!

5.8.10  {Jeannie&Shawn}



5.22.10 {Holly&Matt}



5.29.10 {Liz&Jenney}



7.10.10 {Kelly&Griffey}



7.16.10 {Becky&Daniel}



7.17.10 {Karen&Ryan}



8.21.10 {Chelsey&Mike}


10.1.10 {Laura&Derek}


11.27.10 {Helen&Mirko}


12.11.10 {Lauren&Dave}


12.18.10 {Stephanie&Kevin}


And finally!

12.28.10 {Sarah&Kris}


Thank-you everyone for making my dream of becoming a professional photographer come true this year – It means so much to me that you booked me (especially those in the beginning when I barely had samples to show you!) And thank-you to all of those that have booked me in 2011 – I can not WAIT to shoot all of your engagement sessions and weddings! I also look forward to all of those family, senior and portrait shoots that I’ve been mid-process in and those that I don’t even know about yet! I was scared when I left my full time photo lab job … but now I know I have nothing to fear because I have such amazing and awesome clients!


Happy new year! (again : D)



I forgot! I also second shot for my friend Natalie – which brings my count up to 13!

12.21.10 {jodi&kyle}



Ok…haha, I promise not to forget another one!