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{lauren&dave} wedding – 12.11.10

Why, hello once again! I never in a million years thought my December was going to be this busy with weddings! Lauren and Dave contacted me a few months ago (August was it? AH! How time flies!) and we were trying to find a time to meet since they were from Chicago, and I obviously was in Grand Rapids. Fortunately Paul and I both desperately needed a little vacation we ended up meeting them during a beautiful weekend in September. We both (Paul and I) knew from the start that Lauren and Dave were going to be super fun! Their wedding was in Portage, MI – A little bit of a drive for being only booked for one hour – but SOOOOO worth it! I got there a little early – just in time for the end of people getting ready!

I loved all the small holiday details that were around the church. The tree, the candles, and Christmas lights. I actually heard (since I didn’t get to observe their ceremony) that the service was going to be in a dark church with candlelight… That was just about the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard of.

Ready for some AH-dorable dip kissing? I warn you all, dip kisses are basically my most favorite thing ever… so I do use that pose a lot if you let me!

I’m glad we were able to walk around outside for some pictures – That december lighting was working so well!

AAANNNNNNDDDD back inside! Mmm, toasty warm.

And to top it all off – the whole bridal party!

I love the personality I get from every one of my couples and how it influences my photographs that I take for them. Thanks for letting me see the small portion of the day that I did Lauren and Dave – It was beautiful!