{helen&mirko} wedding – 11.27.10

First of all – I totally apologize to everyone for the length of this post! It is my first official blogged wedding , so I’m having a hard time picking and choosing what is best. As soon as I have finished a few more, I’ll have a better feel for what will work. But for now! You may remember Helen and Mirko from their engagement session. They were super fun and their wedding was no different! It was the earliest I have shown up for a wedding, but getting the available light was sooo worth it! Their ceremony was held at Neland and their reception was also there as well! So with the morning ceremony and afternoon lunch reception it was also one of the shortest weddings (at the time) I had done. The girls got ready in one of the rooms in the basement – My sister eleanor did her hair! (quite beautifully I might add!) They didn’t actually use the bathrooms with these labels, but I loved them so much!

She had such a lovely dress that had such cute vintagey flair! I also like her hand made veil.

That room was just amazingly big! I loved all the stuff in there that also was great for propping things for photos. Yay!

Since it was a small wedding party – boys were definitely not up to much, just a little video-gaming…

First looks are always exciting to witness – so much fun!The church was very unique and extremely beautiful.

(I couldn’t resist an adorable photo of my nephew!)

The reception had such delicious lunch dishes including ham buns, chicken salad croissants and a tasty salad to top it off… mmm getting hungry just thinking about it!

haha – I have strange uncles…

And there you have it! My first wedding blog – It is so much more refreshing than just uploading files to a facebook album! I think it is slightly easier to read too! Again – sorry for the length… I’ll try to cut it down next time, I swear!

Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to leave comments any time!


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful post!

    December.14.2010 at 7:29 pm

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