{let.it.snow} 12.1.10

Hello everyone!

Taking a break from my wedding editing and going to meet a potential bride I decided to bring my camera along to capture the first snow of the season! It was falling so gracefully yet super fast at the same time!

I was going to starbucks on the corner of 28th and East Beltine – and to my joy there was a Christmas tree place in the parking lot of Krispy Kreme. The cute little bulbs and trees attracted the snow so nicely!


(the East Beltine)

Then in Starbucks… one sample coffee and hot chocolate with a shot of hazelnut later…

I also took the time to shoot some of my samples, including a sample MINI album I just made of Laura and Derek’s wedding this last October! Oh, and I started doodling a little camera since I showed up a little crazy early :D

Back outside in the snow!So that’s it for December 1! Boy, where did 2010 go?


One response

  1. Tracie Crim

    I love looking at your blog. You have so much fun at your job and it shows through your photos. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the holidays and seeing your random posts with all of the beautiful scenes coming up!

    December.2.2010 at 8:07 am

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