{eleanor&ect.} portraits and other fun stuff – 10.24.10

So here I am again ready to blog another post. Life has had its super crazy turns these past few years for me – graduation, marriage, starting my photography business, ect – which has pulled me sadly away from family  more than I’d like to admit. The past two months however have been different. I have three sisters, and I’ve spent more time with them in the past few weeks than I had probably all summer. We were coming back from a family session with a former bride of mine and I got a phone call from Eleanor (my youngest sister) stating that she was hungry and we should get together. I was all for it – especially since we were going to the Winchester. Anyway, I brought my camera along (okay, I already had it) and snapped a few photos at lunch, after lunch and later that day of my new car (which is “used” new – but I love it anyway!) Feel free to comment and enjoy!

Oh, right – And Paul was with us too – How could I resist not using him in a few shots as well?

And Last but not least – my car! Like I said earlier, a little older… but he’s still got some cute left in him!

I’m really liking wordpress a lot more than blogger I think. It is so much more user friendly with photos and super fun to check up on. Oh and it feels so much more simpler! Look for a sneak peek of a senior session I’m doing tomorrow!


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