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{anne&pete} engaged – 10.30.10

Starting a new blog! I hope photo uploading is more user friendly on wordpress than on blogger. My last session in October ended up being Anne and Pete’s engagement session – and they definitely waited out the weather perfectly! It was cloudy and crummy in the morning but the sun seemed to come out just in time for them. You know a session is going to go well when van alliance is made and you find ou…t someone else has come up with the term “snuzzling” as well within the first half an hour. lol. I’ve also tried some new editing techniques and I am also displaying for the first time my new way of displaying photos in bulk! It is still a little new looking – but I like how it doesn’t interfere with the photos like my last watermark. So in all – Anne and Pete – you were super fun, and I seriously can’t wait for July next year! Enjoy. :)

So I hope I get to this blog more than my last one, which I’ll probably use for personal art photography and use this one more for my wonderful clients! Don’t hesitate to comment or ask me any questions! Thanks!

Jenn.H. >^^<